5 must-watch movies to catch in cinemas this November

Movies have always been a good form of escapism. So if you’re looking to let loose and get lost in some awesome flicks come Friday night, check out the following films now showing in (or coming to) theatres. Just remember to keep to the current guidelines of two per group and keep your masks on when not eating or drinking.

The Card Counter

, 5 must-watch movies to catch in cinemas this November

This year-end, see Oscar Isaac and Tiffany Haddish star in the all-new American crime drama named The Card Counter. It tells the simple yet riveting story of a self-taught card counter, who is out to reform a young man hellbent on exacting revenge on a mutual enemy from their past. Now in theatres.

Naked Singularity

, 5 must-watch movies to catch in cinemas this November

In Naked Singularity, the talented John Boyega plays a young public defender named Casi, who is beginning to get bogged down by the injustices seen in the American legal system. Growing doubtful of the justice system, he is pulled into a dangerous heist by a former client, in what has been described as a combination of courtroom drama and science fiction. So make of that what you will. Coming Nov 11

The Deep House

Horror flicks don’t typically feature haunted homes submerged in water, but The Deep House is no run-of-the-mill, average paranormal film. Coming to theatres on Nov 18, the movie will take audiences on a terrifying trip beneath the surface to uncover a rural, sinister lake house alongside two French influencers. When the couple discovers the home and the gruesome crimes once committed there, they will have to race against time in order to get out alive.


, 5 must-watch movies to catch in cinemas this November

Eiffel, which opened to rave reviews, will soon be in local theatres to tell a romantic tale about the construction of the famous Eiffel Tower. Considered a “freely inspired film”, the period drama suggests that the celebrated engineer Gustave Eiffel had constructed the iconic structure as a tribute to his forbidden passion. See things heat up between Romain Duris and Emma Mackey from Nov 25 onwards.


Opening in cinemas on Nov 25, Tides is a German-Swiss science fiction thriller film, presented in English. The plot? A stranded astronaut must decide the fate of a long-decimated Earth. Starring Nora Arnezeder.