From hair-raising horror movie sequels to neo-noir crime drama flicks

Movies have always been a good form of escapism. So if you’re looking to let loose and get lost in some awesome flicks come Friday night, check out the following films now showing in theatres. Just remember to keep to the current guidelines of two per group and keep your masks on when not eating or drinking.

A Quiet Place Part II


The sequel to the 2018 horror film A Quiet Place, A Quiet Place Part II will once again follow the Abbott family as they navigate a post-apocalyptic world with newly-acquired knowledge of how to incapacitate the aliens which continue to haunt Earth. Now searching for other survivors, the Abbotts will learn that some threats are closer than they seem.

Better Days


Now showing at The Projector in Golden Mile Tower, Better Days is a coming-of-age thriller that delves into the life of 17-year-old Nian who gets bullied at school, then dragged into a murder investigation—all while coping with the Gaokao exam pressure. A 2021 Oscar nominee for Best International Film, the movie directed by Derek Kwok-cheung Tsang is a Mandarin flick that explores the many pressures faced by teens of today.



Consider watching Emma Stone play Cruella de Vil in this origin movie this weekend. Revealing the Disney villain’s backstory, see one Estella Miller turn into the sinister yet charismatic Cruella de Vil as she embraces her rebellious and wicked side, living on the streets of London.

Hand Rolled Cigarette


This 2020 Hong Kong neo-noir crime drama flick was only widely released last week, so catch this story about a retired British-Chinese soldier who takes a troubled youth under his wing.

The Ice Road


Coming to Shaw theatres this end-June is Jonathan Hensleigh’s The Ice Road starring Liam Neeson. In it, the Taken actor joins Laurence Fishburne in rescuing a team of miners trapped underground—a seemingly impossible rescue mission.