From light-hearted options to seriously scary ones

As divisive as horror flicks are, organising a scary movie marathon with some of your best pals remains one of the best ways to celebrate All Hallows' Eve. So grab bags of Halloween candy from your nearest convenience store, then settle in front of the couch to catch the following new spooky shows, now on Netflix.

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting

Credit: Netflix

Based on Joe Ballarini’s trilogy series of the same name, A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting is a family-friendly, horror film that may remind some of the Disney Halloween episodes that air on its popular ‘00s teen sitcoms. But that doesn’t mean adults should be deterred; get excited for the spookiest season of the year as a babysitter seeks to protect the child in her care, who has been kidnapped by the fearsome Boogeyman in this new flick.

Blumhouse's Fantasy Island

Credit: Netflix

A horror adaptation of ABC’s 1977 television series of the same name, 2020 supernatural flick Blumhouse's Fantasy Island is not one to spare on the scares. In this freakish film, watch five contest-winners visit the eponymous island that promises to fulfil their fantasies, only to have them sour quickly into nightmares.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Credit: Justina Mintz/© Justina Mintz / Netflix

With a name like that, you may guess that The Haunting of Bly Manor is a gothic horror series that involves a ghostly mansion. And you’d be right, as the drama that stars Victoria Pedretti (Netflix’s You, season 2), as well as English actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen is a story about a young governess hired by a man to look after his niece and nephew at the family country house after he becomes their guardian. Unfortunately for her, she sees the apparitions that haunt the premises as she navigates the Bly estate.

Hubie Halloween

Credit: Netflix

If you’re too chicken to check out the usual scary or gory movies this October, then opt for Hubie Halloween, a 2020 American dark comedy that will still get you in the spirit of things. You’re guaranteed good company thanks to Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen, as they take centrestage in this light-hearted show about a town volunteer who finds himself in the midst of a real-life murder investigation.


Credit: Netflix

Fans of anthology horror television series American Horror Story, tune into Ratched, led by award-winning actress Sarah Paulson as this suspenseful drama tells the origin story of an asylum nurse named Mildred Ratched. As the young Ratched turns jaded and bitter, she becomes a monster to her patients at the mental institution that conducts unsettling experiments on the human mind.