Time to Netflix and chill, and meaning just that

Remember what got you hooked onto the dark dystopian storylines of the Black Mirror anthology way back in season one? It’s the relatable, frighteningly plausible scenarios we might find ourselves in thanks to our reliance on technology. No grand end-of-the-world plots, just the daily horrors of our technological dependance.

And in the soon return of Black Mirror season five on Netflix come June 5, we’re getting just that through three all-new episodes. Yes, only three, just like it was with season one (Fifteen Million Merits still got our hearts).

Not much is revealed about the upcoming episodes yet, but judging from the newly released trailer (see below), we can surmise some things. Episode one titled Striking Vipers stars Anthony Mackie, aka Falcon in Avengers, seemingly struggling with mundane family life, and seeks some sort of escape in a video game that reminds us of Street Fighter and Tekken.

Episode two, Smithereens, touches on the closely relatable habit of smartphone use, or more accurately, overuse. A gun-wielding man goes deranged, by the looks of it, annoyed by how the handheld devices have overtaken everyone’s lives. Then in episode three (titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley, too), we find a cute robot on a nightstand giving positive compliments to a girl in her bedroom. Miley Cyrus appears in this episode too, as a celebrity, suggesting some sort of critique at chasing stardom.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much else in terms of narrative, but we’re pretty sure the show’s characteristic plot twists will come into effect and shock us. Can’t wait for season five to arrive? Have a go at interactive special Black Mirror: Bandersnatch first. And if you’ve already did that, why not try for a different ending this time.

Black Mirror season five premieres exclusively on Netflix on Jun 5.