Catch a banned Iranian film at Singapore’s first-ever Middle East Film Festival

We’ve had a whole slew of diverse film festivals this year. We’ve seen gorgeous and social conscious films at this year’s SIFA precursor festival, The O.P.E.N., documentaries about chefs and their restaurants (and that one film about the outrageous lives of extreme foodies), films that explore LGBT issues and even the fashion-centric Design Film Festival. This time, we’re getting our very first Middle East Film Festival, presented by the Middle East Institute and The Projector, with support from Luna Films on Oct 20-30.

The selection of films for the festival will give viewers a closer look into the lives of people living in the trouble region pervaded with war, dispute and conflicts, but also showcase the diversity and strengths of its people. One of the highlights is the screening of The Paternal House, a film about “honor killing”, something that’s considered taboo to discuss in modern Iran. Needless to say, the film was banned in the country after it had its debut screening in Venice. Check out a clip from the film below.

For a full lineup, check out The Projector’s website.