Surrealist cinema at its finest

Presented in collaboration with the Embassy of Chile in Singapore with the support of VCT, a limited-time Chilean Film Showcase will be arriving at The Projector come Sep 3. Running all weekend, the event will be a tribute to the masters of surrealist cinema, promising three epic dramas film buffs will not want to miss.

Night Across The Street (La Noche De Enfrente)

First, check out Night Across The Street (La Noche De Enfrente) on Fri, Sep 3, a comedy-drama that sees an elderly office worker reliving real and imagined memories from his long life. As the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur, the concept of surrealism in this cinematic masterpiece truly comes into play.

The Tango of the Widower and Its Distorting Mirror (El Tango del Viudo y Su Espejo Deformante)

The arthouse cinema’s screening of the haunting Spanish drama by the late legendary Chilean director Raul Ruiz (and his widow Valeria Sarmiento) is not one you should miss. In this feature, Sarmiento reconstructs the narrative Ruiz had long wished to tell: one of a sick professor who sees visions of his late wife. Catch it Sat, Sep 4.

The Wandering Soap Opera (La Telenovela Errante)

Another one of Ruiz’s unfinished pieces have been reconstructed by Sarmiento, and in The Wandering Soap Opera (La Telenovela Errante), witness a thrilling flick that celebrates the absurdity of life. ‘Cause in addition to spoofing telenovela conventions, the movie also reflects Ruiz’s feelings upon returning to his homeland Chile after more than 15 years away. Screening date: Sun, Sep 5.