Catch some of the best films from Hong Kong this month

There has been a sort of dry spell when it comes to film festivals, save for the recent Italian Film Festival that happened in June, the on-going Pink Screen at The Projector and the upcoming sixth edition of Films At The Fort next month. But come Jul 26 through to Aug 1, Golden Village will be hosting its first ever Hong Kong Film Festival at their Tiong Bahru cinema.

Some of the best Asian films we’ve seen have come from the bustling city of Hong Kong, and we’re not just talking about the Jackie Chan ones. If you’re a massive film buff, names like Wong Kar-wai, Peter Chan, Ann Hui and Hark Tsui would strike a familiar chord because of their notable contributions to the Asian film industry. We remember fondly watching Wong’s romantic, highly moving and visually intriguing film In the Mood for Love, which won actor Tony Leung the Best Actor Award and a nom for the Palme d’Or at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.

While the seven films featured in this festival may not showcase all of the renowned directors, there is a good mix of both new and old curated for the lineup. Who’s the Woman, Who’s the Man? is the sequel to the 1994 film He’s a Woman, She’s a Man, where director Peter Chan continues to explore the theme of sexuality and gender-bending; similar to the first but this time on the femme end of the spectrum. And then there’s emerging Hong Kong director Tam Wai-ching’s directorial debut In your Dreams, a moody and dark film where a young student (Ng Siu-hin) gets romanticly involved with his teacher (Carina Lau). And if you can’t get enough of Hong Kong icon Leslie Leung, catch him in the action-thriller Double Tap, directed by Bruce Law.

Full lineup and tickets here (the site is currently in the works, so check back again soon).