This Singaporean documentary about Sikhism is making its world premiere at the UN Association Film Festival

Our local film scene has received nothing but good news these few weeks. Now, another film has been picked out of 700 entries to rep Singapore at the 19th UN Association Film Festival.

Satinder Garcha and wife Harpreet Bedi was inspired to produce Under The Turban after their daughter asked what it meant to be a Sikh. This feature-length documentary chronicles their journey around the world to meet with different Sikhs from all walks of life, such as fashion blogger Pardeep Singh Bahra and a Sikh cheesemaker from Italy, to understand the various perspectives of this relatively young religion and to provide some valuable insight. They also visit the golden temple in Amritsar, India, where Sikhism was born in the 15th century to discover the origins of their heritage. In a nutshell, it’s a journey of self-discovery and identity that sheds light into the world’s fifth largest religion.

Public screenings of the film are currently in the works. More info here.