The French Film Festival is back, this time with free screenings at Our Tampines Hub

It’s hard to put a finger on what makes French films so special, whether its the focus on well-developed characters (compared to the many one-dimensional Hollywood mannequins), or the tendency for them to dabble less into populist genres. Whatever the case is, French films hold their own and we’re glad that the 34th edition of the French Film Festival is back; this time, expanding their screening venues to the heartlands with places like Our Tampines Hub, in addition to Alliance Francaise, Shaw Theatres and The Projector.

This year sees a diverse line-up of close to 30 acclaimed and enjoyable masterpieces, ranging from heartwarming dramas to irreverent comedies, with a good mix of horror films thrown in for those craving some scares. Many have had their screen time at global festivals, but will be seeing their Asia debut at this festival. Opening film Just A Breath Away (Dans la brume), an intense apocalyptic thriller about a couple racing to save their daughter after a deadly gas cloud was released by a sudden earthquake, is set to be a heart wrenching piece.

The same writer of Just A Breath Away also penned zombie thriller The Night Eats the World (La Nuit a Devore le Monde), also screened at the festival, that follows the story of a guy who wakes up from a party to find that zombies have invaded the streets of Paris. Then there is Climax, a musical horror where hip-hop dancers suffer a bad trip after ingesting psychedelics by accident. Funan, an intimate and bold animation film that will be screened in Asia for the first time, tells the devastating tale of a family torn apart by the brutalities of the Khmer Rouge regime.

But apart from films that will tug at your heartstrings, there are also uproarious comedies for a light-hearted time, including Sink or Swim, where a bunch of men past their prime tries seeking fulfilment in synchronized swimming. Over at Our Tampines Hub, a mix of four French favorites including unflinching environmental documentary Tomorrow, will be screened for free.

French Film Festival 2018 runs from Nov 8-18 at Alliance Francaise, Shaw Theatres, The Projector and Our Tampines Hub. More information here. Tickets and timetable here.