Netflix to premiere about 40 new, original anime titles this year

If the anime genre is your favourite section on your Netflix dashboard, then get excited to catch more of those electrifying animated movies and shows as the global streaming giant has officially announced its plans to release more anime series this 2021.

Besides showcasing its diverse slate of voice cast for fans in Japan and around the world, Netflix also emphasised its commitment to becoming a home for fans and creators at the completely virtual AnimeJapan 2021.

The streaming service stated that it would premiere about 40 new, original anime titles this year—close to double the number of titles brought to fans the year before.

While the full list of shows isn’t out yet, Netflix has unveiled some hotly-anticipated series along with their release dates.

, Netflix to premiere about 40 new, original anime titles this year

First, there’s the confirmation of the worldwide release of Record of Ragnarok which is set to premiere in June 2021. An anime adaptation of the hugely successful manga of the same name, the story follows an epic battle for the fate of humanity.

Then there’s also comedic, slice-of-life series such as The Way of the Househusband which will debut on Apr 8, as well as the popular Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness that will premiere later this year.

Finally, the streaming service teased shows such as Yasuke (Apr 29) and Eden (May 27). The brand new stories are brought to life by a wealth of international creators, further strengthening Netflix’s ambitions to diversify their lineup of original anime by working with top creators from both in and outside of Japan.

Grab the popcorn kids; it’s time to catch up on all your favourite anime before the new ones are released.

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