New online platform SGFilm Channel launches with 10 of the best local short films

In its continuous effort to support local filmmakers, the Singapore Film Commission has partnered with local filmmaking school Objectifs to launch the SG Film Channel on YouTube. 

Anyone interested in film can view works by local greats like Royston Tan, Wee Li Lin, Charles Lim and Anthony Chen on the channel for free.

A total of 10 films will be released every quarter (the next one will be in April); you can currently catch little-seen works like Edward Khoo’s Late Shift and Charles Lim’s Wrong Turn, which was last presented by at The Subtation’s 3rd Experimental Film Forum, as well as crowd favorites such as Boo Junfeng’s Homecoming and Anthony Chen’s Ah Ma, both hits at overseas short film fests, for free online now.