This Singapore-Chennai co-production is hitting theatres soon

There’s already enough proof that Singapore’s film scene is steadily growing with each release. Notable names like Anthony Chen, K Rajagopal and Boo Junfeng are just the few local filmmakers who’ve helped to put Singapore on the map with their outstanding productions. The latest buzz on Singapore’s film front revolves around Abbas Akbar, who’s been busy directing the upcoming Tamil feature film Chennai2Singapore.

Shot in Chennai, Turkey and Singapore, this action rom-com, partly commissioned by the Singapore Film Commission, tells the story of a filmmaker who’s on a journey to make a movie in Singapore. But on the way there, he falls for a girl and gets inspired to produce a love story, only to realize that she’s actually terminally ill. It’s the first of its kind, bringing together cast and crew from Chennai, Singapore and Malaysia, such as the first winner of Mediacorp’s Vasantham Star, Shabir, Kollywood music composer Ghibran, award-winning Indian film editor Praveen K. L. (of Kabali fame).

Recently, Ghibran and Abbas went on a month-long drive from Chennai to Singapore to release a song in each country along the 8094-kilometer route. The trip was documented and will be released as a web blog series in the months to come.

The film is slated for international release at the end of the year, but there are currently no dates or trailers in sight just yet. More info on their website and Facebook page.