Catch the renowned production company’s first fully 3D CGI film from the comforts of home

If you’ve yet to catch 2020 Japanese computer-animated movie Earwig and the Witch, then do we have news for you.

Netflix has just announced that it is expanding its line-up of Studio Ghibli’s flicks, with the addition of the Japanese animation film studio’s first fully 3D CGI feature.

Coming to Netflix Singapore (and other regions outside the U.S. and Japan), the film will definitely bring excitement thanks to its charming and timeless storytelling.


The latest movie delves into the story of Earwig, a headstrong child, who grows up in an orphanage only to have her life changed dramatically, when a strange couple takes her in. Learning that she now lives with a selfish witch, Earwig decides to learn magic to take control of her own destiny.

Directed by Goro Miyazaki with plannings by Hayao Miyazaki and screenplay by Keiko Niwa as well as Emi Gunji, the story of Earwig is based on a novel of the same name by English writer Diana Wynne Jones.

The relatively new flick joins cult classics already on Netflix, including My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

Mark your calendars, people.

More information available here.