Watch classic black-and-white Asian films at the Capitol Theatre

There are tons of film events to catch this month, but we are extra excited about the Asian Film Archive’s Asian Restored Classics at the snazzy Capitol Theatre over four days from Aug 25-28. It’s going to be nothing short of magical to go sit in a theater that was first erected in 1929 and watch old Asian movies from the 1960s.

On the line-up is Gado Gado (1961), one of the 91 surviving Malay titles that were filmed during Singapore’s Golden Cinema era. This half-hour musical is the only one from the Cathay-Keris catalogue and tells the story of a man who’s on a journey to get employed in the city. Along the way, he meets a bunch of people who are full of zest and finds himself in over-the-top and funny situations.

Other highlights include Satyajit Ray’s classic Charulata (1964), based on a novel by Tagore about a doomed romance, Kurosawa’s famous period piece Ran (1985) and four other films.

Tickets are $15 a pop. For a full list of screenings, click here.