Witness the story of two unlikely friends who bond and grow after a life-changing grenade accident

There comes a time in all our lives, as teenagers entering young adulthood in Singapore, when all that permeate our gatherings and conversations are the two years of National Service every Singaporean son has to serve. From the moment we (and the friends around us) receive our letter of enlistment, to the year that follows after we’ve completed our service, it’s one of those topics that will always find its way into our social circles.

An experience shared by all Singaporeans, regardless of race, language, religion, or gender, our National Service has indeed occupied a permanent presence in all our “growing up” stories, no matter where you come from and who you hang out with.



Commemorating 55 years of mandatory National Service in Singapore, local media and entertainment company So Drama! Entertainment (SDE) launches Microseconds, a Tamil/English short film centred around protagonists serving NS.

Building on top of underlying tensions formed during childhood between a bully and his victim, the compelling plot is fuelled by a faltering recruit’s mistake during training, releasing a live grenade too early and leaving his trainer mere seconds to react before the grenade goes off in front of them.



An inspiring story that tracks the boys-to-men transformation of two unlikely friends, the profound experience following that life-changing near-miss gave birth to a new friendship and found them new purpose in life.


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