Get excited for Star Wars: Visions, the return of The Circle and brand new comedy Afterlife of the Party

Whether you’re into hilarious comedies or compelling dramas, this month, streaming platforms are offering new and fascinating shows sure to leave you on a binge. Here are six must-watch shows and TV series coming to Netflix, HBO and Disney+ this September.

Afterlife of the Party

We’ve yet to really hear from Victoria Justice since her days fronting Victorious on Nickelodeon, but all that might be about to change with Afterlife of the Party, an upcoming Netflix rom-com. Premiering Sep 2, Justice will play a party girl who dies in a freak accident, and she must do her time and earn her stripes if she wishes to get her wings.

The Circle

By now, most of us would be familiar with the concept of reality TV series The Circle. And after two successful seasons, The Circle is set to launch yet another, with a new cast to jazz up the social media game experience. We don’t know about you, but we sure are excited to see strangers catfish one another to come out top dog in this unique online game show.

The D’Amelio Show

A brand new docuseries is about to drop, and this time, it’ll star TikTok’s first family, the D’Amelio’s. Formerly a relatively obscure and otherwise conventional family, the troupe of four has since found fame as both the D’Amelio sisters are TikTok and Instagram stars—with one running a budding empire and another pursuing a music career. So how do they stay close and adjust to life in the big leagues? You’ll have to catch The D’Amelio Show.

On The Verge

New show On The Verge is set to make its debut this Sep 7, and if you’re wondering what it’s all about, we’ve got you covered. In a pre-pandemic LA, see four women including a chef, single mom, heiress and job seeker navigate love and work with a generous side of midlife crises. No shade, but we’re getting Good Girls vibes—which incidentally, is making its comeback on Aug 31, in case you want to mark your calendars.

On The Job

Award-winning director Erik Matti’s new crime thriller On The Job is not one you should miss. Inspired by true events in the Philippines, the show will begin Sep 12 on HBO Go to explore crimes syndicates which temporarily release contracted prison inmates to carry out political assassinations on those in power—except that the crime syndicates are run by politicians. Chills.

Star Wars: Visions

Star Wars and anime fans can soon unite as Star Wars: Visions launches Sep 22 on Disney+. An anthology series from Lucasfilm that tells new Star Wars stories through the singular style and traditions of Japanese anime, expect stunning visuals and freshness which expounds upon the understanding of what a Star Wars story can be. Celebrating a galaxy that has inspired visionary storytellers, the English dub will even feature new and returning Star Wars talents including Neil Patrick Harris, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Henry Golding.