What to watch this weekend: Seeing double


This thriller is based on a Jose Saramago novel, but it’s not like you need a cerebral excuse to perv at Jack Gyllenhaal playing a pair of doppelgangers obsessed with each other.

The Attack

A terrorist suicide bombing turns a Tel Aviv doctor’s life upside-down, not least because his wife is the primary suspect. Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri, who’s trained under Quentin Tarantino, competently delivers a smart action movie that doesn’t shy away from hard questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Cuban Fury

Given the cast, we thought this was going to be a fun, Apatow-esque number, but it’s really a flat rom-com. The set-up is typically sexist: Bruce (Nick Frost of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) and Drew (Chris O’Dowd) have a salsa dance-off; winner gets into their boss’s (Rashida Jones) pants.

The Face of Love

Another one about seeing double: Annette Bening and Ed Harris star in this slow-moving drama about a woman who falls in love with her late husband’s doppelganger.


Arnie stars in this macho action flick about a corrupt team of DEA agents getting all tangled up in drug cartels and one another.

Rio 2

The kiddy favorite is back for a second round of exotic bird shenanigans, this time with high-budget guest stars like Bruno Mars.