60 Seconds with Andy Van

Andy Van’s music is addictive. One of his best known hits “Don’t Call Me Baby” (produced when he was part of the duo Madison Avenue) is still etched in our minds. Van, now part of electro and house trio Vandalism, stops by for a quick chat.
Top three producers or DJs?
Axwell, Ramirez and John Course.
Are you a vinyl addict?
Used to be. I’ve got tens of thousands of 12”s. But now I’m using 100 percent CDs.
The greatest gig you’ve played at?
Love Parade at Leeds UK. I was at the main stage playing to 300,000 people as the sun was setting!
A definite crowd pleaser?
A brand new remix of “He Not In” by Chicken Lips that Vandalism has just done for Azuli (UK).
What else is Vandalism busy with?
Doing remixes and productions. We’ve just done a big remix of “Creeps” by Freaks, which was licensed to Ministry of Sound UK! So now, we’ve got a lot of labels chasing us for remixes and we’ve been gigging all round Australia as Vandalism. We’re completing our debut album too.
Why the name Vandalism? Are you guys into destruction?
Yeah, we like to destroy dance floors!
Things that you have a soft spot for?
I like to chill, watch videos and know more about new gadgets. I’m a real gadget head.
If you could write a book, what would it be about?
I am contemplating writing a book called How to be a DJ.