60 Seconds with DJ Serge Santiago

So what are you listening to right now?
A very simple but effective track by G2 called “Supernatural.” This track just keeps you on a level for about four minutes and then breaks into an amazing dance track.
What music makes you cringe?
Euro Pop!
What’s your nightmare at a party?
Playing after Tom Middleton, not because he’s a bad DJ but because he really gets the crowd high and leaves me with a crowd begging for high octane-energy fueled rave!
Your personal cure for hangovers?
My sofa and the Planet Earth DVD.
Weirdest request you’ve ever received?
What I think is weird is when someone comes up to me and says “Can you play something I like?” And that’s when I’ve got a whole dance floor already rocking to my sounds! It happens all the time.
You feel most comfortable in?
A white shirt, a fake tan and a massive medallion around my neck.
The kind of people you love to hang around most?
Farmers and livestock.
You have a soft spot for?
Complete the sentence. “The one thing that I’ll never understand is…”
Why do people always ask for Justin Timberlake when it’s a house night?