60 Seconds with Satoshi Tomiie

New York-based DJ extraordinaire Satoshi Tomiie first came to everyone’s attention when he collaborated with legendary Frankie Knuckles to create the house classic “Tears.” He has moved on to work on projects like Animatrix, with such luminaries as David Bowie, and has literally partied everywhere in the world.
You started off with the piano and some jazz. What made you take the leap into hip hop and DJing?
I loved playing piano and was really into jazz when I was young, at the same time I was (and I am still) open to new styles of music. Hip hop was introduced in Japan and for some reason it grabbed me and opened the door to dance and electronic music. Later on a lot of hip hop tunes sampled the music I used to listen to (like jazz) and created a totally different form of music which fascinated me.
What can we expect from your new album?
An eclectic collection of dance and electronic music. Almost like producing two 70-odd minutes songs on each disk by using 24 tunes. I spent a lot of time choosing these songs very carefully and put them in the mix with techniques like key matching and reconstructions of loops to make it flow nicely.
Considering that you are joining the illustrious company of DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo and Dave Seaman in delivering this current installment of the prestigious Masters series, did you put more effort into it?
I always put extra effort into all the projects I am involved with. It’s an honor to be part of this series and I worked very hard for it just like the other compilations and productions I have done.
As a DJ now based in New York, do you feel any connection with the scene back in Japan?
I have been residing in New York throughout my entire professional career and I go back to Tokyo three or four times per year. The foundation of my musical taste was established in Japan and even though I don’t live there, my spiritual home is still Tokyo.
Outside Europe and the US, where in the world do you get really excited about playing?
Argentina. Without any hesitation or a doubt, the best crowd of the world to me. Simply amazing.