60 Seconds with Tom Stephan

With his bag of house and electronica records, Tom Stephan is lethal. He formed his own record label ChumboMundo in 2005 and has won thumbs-up from big names like Danny Tenaglia and Deep Dish. Stephan discusses music and sudoku with I-S.
What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done?
Remixing Tom Jones.
One thing you regretted doing?
Not wearing my DJ ear protection years ago when my doctor told me to.
The worst sound you’ve heard?
Happy hardcore.
Your favorite city to spin in?
New York, because it’s the city where my love for house was born.
What’s a fool-proof pickup line you use?
There’s no need to say anything. It’s all in the eyes.
If you could change the world, what about it would you change?
I wish we would stop destroying the planet.
What bores you?
What’s your most terrifying nightmare?
Playing sudoku at a happy hardcore rave!