The brothers behind 2ManyDJs and Soulwax

Stephen and David Dewaele have rocked dance floors—whether as the DJ act 2ManyDJs or as the band Soulwax. And they are known for mixing songs which seemingly have nothing in common. Think Nirvana with Destiny’s Child, or Green Velvet with Led Zeppelin. This duo that has played at ZoukOut is dropping by again. Stephen explains their eclectic and confusing sound.
So you guys are back after ZoukOut. Which do you prefer—clubs or beach festivals?
We prefer to play in a club because the distance between the audience and us is smaller, and so we can see the people freaking out!
Cool. And how did the moniker 2ManyDJs come about?
It was the title of an old Soulwax track called “Too Many DJs.” And there were two of us. We also used it because we felt that anybody can be a DJ.
Speaking of Soulwax, what’s Soulwax busy with right now?
We’re just finishing up the new remixes for Klaxons and Digitalism, and then going to tour Australia and the States with the album Soulwax Nite Versions. We’ll finish at Coachella. We’re also working on Tiga’s second album. I am probably forgetting a lot of other things here!
You guys are loved for the way you mix songs from different genres. Do people come up to you and say that it’s just wrong?
Not so much now, but it used to be like that and it was a sign we were doing something that had an impact.
How do you guys respond?
We pretend to be understanding and then play some AC/DC!
And what do you think of club nights that play only one kind of music?
I get bored easily when someone plays the same kind of music the whole night. I like it when people surprise me or piss me off!
We heard David has a black belt in taekwondo. Is that true?
Someone will have to challenge Dave to find out.
How do you guys want to be remembered?
As the Godfathers of old rave!