DJ Treasure Fingers on Strip Clubs, Egypt and Zirca

Why the name Treasure Fingers?
A friend actually came up with the name and I really liked it so it just stuck. I like to hear what people think it means before telling them any definition. I get lots of interesting answers.
Your current sound is kinda edgy; what were you into growing up?
A lot of 80s funk, and also a lot of French and Chicago house music. I was also really into experimental music such as Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Tricky, so I think that influenced the music I’ve made.
Born and raised in Atlanta, what’s good there?
Fried chicken, sweet tea and strip clubs.
You started off with drum and bass but you’ve now got a more disco-influenced vibe … why the shift?
I’ve always made lots of different types of music, and still do. I just have different aliases and project names for different music. If I put out Treasure Fingers-sounding stuff under the Evol Intent name, then it would upset a lot of Evol Intent fans. I’ve found that keeping all music styles separate with different names is the best way.
How has your label Fool’s Gold been treating you?
Really good. I recently had a new single out with them “Keep Up” featuring Haley Small, and am currently working on another. It’s a good family to be apart of. 
What are some of your most insane memories of last year?
I can’t really talk about the really insane stuff (laughs). I got to see the pyramids in Egypt which was amazing and a life dream for me. It’s something I never thought I’d get to see in person. Playing some big festivals and huge night clubs was also a highlight, mainly because of the size of the crowds and the energy, but also DJ-ing and hanging out with tons of great artists.
What can Singapore expect from your gig at Zirca?
Lots of high energy feel-good house music with a disco/funk twist. Get ready to dance!

Treasure Fingers dishes hot-fire tunes on Feb 18, 11pm. Zirca, #01-02/05 Blk. C The Cannery, Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd. 6333-4168. $15-28 includes two drinks.