Margarita Bars in Singapore

Café Iguana
Step into this restaurant and there’s no way you’ll doubt its authenticity. From handicraft artwork displays and multicolored décor to their impressive list of tequilas, the vibe here is pretty authentic as you sip a frozen margarita by the river—alfresco style. Don’t miss their signature margarita, Iguanarita ($15 per glass), that has handcrafted Iguana lager—sounds weird, but it’s rather potent. Another must-have, Ultimate ($25 per glass), uses only the best ingredients like Cointreau orange liqueur and choice tequila, El Charro Añejotequila—trust us, you can taste the difference.

Having been in the scene for over a decade, this place needs no introduction. Weekends see this joint packed to the brim by noon. With a variety of over 30 tequilas, including exclusive premium brands found nowhere else in town, such as Patron Gran Burdeos ($120 per shot)–distilled thrice, it’s the world’s number one ultra-premium tequila; this bar arguably serves the best margaritas in town. The tamarind margarita ($16 per glass) is one of our favorites—sweet with the just right amount of sour, it is one margarita that’s hard to put down. You won’t find this on the menu though, it’s our little secret (but now you know).

Piedra Negra
Edgy and vibrant, this alley bar is popular for its live music and margaritas. All the favorites here—strawberry, mango, lime and pineapple (all $13 per glass)—are concocted with Sauza Hornitos tequila—distilled twice, which makes it extremely smooth. In true Mexican spirit, Cactus Berry and Electric Margarita (also $13) are strong stuff—five varieties of alcohol in a mixture so exotically delicious, it makes you want to fly to Mexico just to have a go at the real thing.