Turntablist, Kid Koala

His blend of hip hop and funk has seen him touring with the likes of Coldcut, DJ Food and Vadim. This talent has also opened for The Beastie Boys and Radiohead, while his debut album Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has won thumbs up from people in the industry. Koala last gigged here at one of the series of parties dubbed Loof on Another Roof at chill out bar Loof. We had a chat with Kid Koala about his reading habits, vinyl and the climate.
What is your current state of mind?
I am on a honeymoon right now, so I’m in a very good state of mind. We’ve escaped the winter in Canada. It’s snowing there. It’s a lot of fun. I just released an album, and it’s my favorite recording to date. So I’m happy. Everything happened very naturally.
What inspires you?
The prospect of crazy, inventive things happening. The fresh stuff, you know? Whether I am doing a tour or getting in the studio, it’s always the idea that something might happen that keeps me going.
What is your biggest achievement?
That might be a question for my mum. Haha… Well, I just try to see the world and make some noise.
What personal trait do you appreciate most in others?
I like people who laugh a lot, or try to. I may spend hours DJing, but I don’t take it seriously. It’s just fun.
Which living person do you admire most and would like to invite for dinner?
Tom Waits, because I think he’s a wonderful storyteller cum musician. I really enjoy the way he invented little universes in his songs, and expresses them. In a way, I’m trying to do that too but I can’t sing!
What are you reading?
A cookbook. It was given to us by people we met in New Zealand. It’s about the history of New Zealand and local recipes. There are beautiful photos in this book.
How do you spend your Sunday mornings?
It depends. On some tours, we have to get to the airport. This year, I have been traveling most of the time. I try to find somewhere to meditate when I can.
What is your idea of hell?
A place where everyone has to listen to the same song for eternity.
How do you recharge?
I usually have some pears and dried apricots and sleep.
What do you collect?
I collect vinyls that others are embarrassed of. I have one that teaches you how to date, and another on how to trim your nose hair and one on how to grow taller.
What about you scares others?
People find me rather approachable! If I have to pin down something, perhaps it’ll be what I consider to be acceptable on an album recording. People listen to it and think it’s kind of crazy.
What did you believe at 18 that you wish you still believed now?
I didn’t believe much at 18. I hadn’t seen enough of the world then. I used to think the world was a big place. Now after so much traveling, the world is actually pretty small. People are interested in the same things.
What is the one thing that you would change about the world if given a chance?
The climate. I’d put it back to where it’s supposed to be! The entire climate thing that’s going on is scary. We might be heading to the Ice Age really soon!