Habitat by honestbee has a new secret bar serving legit cocktails

Months ago when honestbee’s revolutionary supermarket concept habitat first opened, we were let in on a secret—that snazzy walk-in wine cellar with the mirrored end would eventually open to a bar. We waited patiently, thumbs twiddling, as the Southside space grew slowly in popularity—both as a dynamic grocery store and a sort of indoor Borough Market; and at long last, it’s finally ready to open its doors. Joining the staggering dining portfolio at habitat is b bar, one of two snazzy new additions to the space.

Helmed by bar manager Anton Gornev, the cosy little cocktail bar is nothing like you’d expect. First you get the thrill of walking down the Wine and Spirits alley towards the hidden entrance; throw back the curtain and it’s instant razzle-dazzle. An impressively stocked shelf in deep green tones takes centre stage filling most of the tiny space; around the bar counter are a few plush seats that require reservations.

, Habitat by honestbee has a new secret bar serving legit cocktails

And the drinks don’t disappoint. The menu is brief—kept to nine inventive cocktails in increasing order of ABV. St Petersburg-born Gornev brings fresh creative flair to classic spirit-forward cocktails, infusing local flavours and plating them in ways just as imaginative. There’s Rice Up ($18), a beautifully smooth rice sake complemented with ornamental touches like rice krispies and uncooked rice. Milky Whey ($20), though clear in appearance, has a full-cream milk body that peeks through the top floral notes, accented by a light dusting of lavender on the glass; a sure favourite with ladies.

, Habitat by honestbee has a new secret bar serving legit cocktails

It gets even more fun. Try the Rhubino ($22), a twist on the negroni spotlighting rhubarb. Gornev specifically uses a bee smoker to avoid a thick cloud of smoke that would typically cover the aromas of the cocktail. But our pick goes to the cheekily named Beehive ($20), a G&T washed in a bottle with beeswax coated on the inside—so you get the aromas of the honey without the cloying sweetness. Finished with torched honey and sesame on the glass, and a refreshing slice of grapefruit in the drink, it’s set to become b bar’s signature drink.

You can also get regular spirits and non-alcoholic cocktails here. To go with the drinks, the bar also offers simple but well thought-out bites like braised beef cubes, wagyu sliders, and the ever-necessary truffle fries. You know where to find us.

b bar is located at habitat by honestbee, 34 Boon Leat Terrace. Reservations are required at [email protected].