Danish microbrewery Mikkeller’s brewer and co-founder Mikkel Borg Bjergso was recently in town for a series of talks and appearances at The Great Beer Experiment. So we grabbed him and had him share what he thinks are the three hottest trends in beer right now. 

“Canned craft beers are a big thing in the States; you can get extremely good beer for very little money, and that’s why it’s so big there. It keeps better, you don’t have to keep it out of sunlight, and it’s a lot cheaper to ship.”
Evil Twin Hipster Ale. $9 from Working Title.

“Using citrus fruits in beer is really popular at the moment—in the brewing community, we've actually started talking about ICU rather than IBU (International Bitterness Units). There are so many citrus fruits being used now, like yuzu, orange, lemon, lime. I think it’s perfect for beer.” 
Mikkeller Green Gold IPA. $13.50 from The Great Beer Experiment.

Low alcohol
“Low alcohol with a lot of flavor is a big trend at the moment. I’m often asked what I think the perfect beer is, and in my opinion that would be a beer without alcohol—but with all the flavor—so you can drink it like water.”
Brewdog Dead Pony Club. $7.50 from Thirsty - The Beer Shop.