Live in Katong? You can now get Greek grain bowls delivered to your doorstep

It seems like just yesterday Deliveroo announced the start of their novel delivery-only kitchen, Deliveroo Editions. With just four restaurants partnered at the time, it was a promising but slow start.

The London-based start-up, however, has introduced an all-new addition to the kitchen. Joining the current faves on the website—everything from Cal-Mex Muchachos to Vietnamese Pho Stop—is Vios by Blu Kouzina, a spin-off of sorts from the original Greek restaurant, Blu Kouzina. The first ever app-and-website-only restaurant, VIOS offers a curated menu of healthy Mediterranean-style food, of which trendy grain bowls are a star feature.

Prepared by Blu Kouzina’s chefs in the centralized kitchen, the menu allows for customized grain bowls using a variety of homemade dips, sauces and toppings. Custom bowls start at $12.99, but you can also order permanent options like the Seasonal Harvest bowl—an energizing mix of basmati brown rice, kale, tzatziki, hummus, chicken and more.

If you’re enticed, fair warning that the Vios menu is exclusive to Deliveroo Editions, which means it can only be ordered online—and can hence only be delivered to Katong (boo!!). But the lack of a brick-and-mortar Vios outlet can only mean one thing: Deliveroo is confident enough to be rolling out these new concepts and food offerings; and confident enough to also start expanding beyond just Katong.

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to seeing what, and where, else Deliveroo has in mind. Woodlands next, perhaps?