NÓNG by Edible Gardens: Pop-up farm in the big city

Have you heard? The folks behind Edible Gardens and its many urban farming initiatives have started NÓNG, a pop-up concept that’s here to stay till March 31 this year, featuring exhibitions, art displays, workshops, dining events and more.

Located on the sixth floor of the carpark in People’s Park Complex, the huge space will play host to a slew of pop-up events—like talks on urban beekeeping and farm-to-table dinners—while focusing on local talent and products made right here in Singapore.

According to Bjorn Low, urban farmer extraordinaire and co-founder of Edible Gardens, the ultimate goal would be to turn the carpark space into a fully-fledged farm, where F&B businesses will be able to use plants and herbs grown in this backyard in their dishes (names like Cajun Kings and Morsels were mentioned). However, R&D is in the works and Bjorn and co haven’t decided what plants will be grown yet. 

In the meantime, drop by and have a look around the place. Currently you can find furniture and other nifty items by Naiise on sale, together with random bits of crafts and gifts by Haystakt. This is also the perfect place to shop for gardening tools and supplies to start your very own “urban farm” at home. 

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