Surprise your Valentine with a special bouquet dedicated to them

The annual season for love beckons in the horizon. As early as now, we’re getting a whiff of February 14 – the intimate staycations, playful little rendezvous that come with specials meals for creating connections over, and those handcrafted, quality flower arrangements.

And believe it or not, bringing flowers on a date is not nearly close to becoming a dead concept. Yes, flowers still do hit hard and can be a tenderly sweet gesture when done right. So considering sending a gorgeous bouquet your lover’s way this year.

Flower meanings aren’t set in stone, and each flower has its own charm and appeal. While their meanings may vary and can be rather ambiguous, some have classic and more traditional connotations – a couple of them usually stand out as being more than perfect for the exciting month of love.



A timeless choice would be roses, for they symbolise beauty, love, and romance. It comes with no surprise that the bud is the most popular choice for a romantic celebration, making for a fuss-free arrangement specially for your lucky date. Should you prefer to pull the brakes on visual flamboyance, pink or purple roses are a great alternative to the bold red roses that we’ll frankly be seeing quite a bit of on the day itself.



As a general measure, a single stalk of rose symbolises “love at first sight”, 3 stalks stand for the quintessential “I love you”, 6 stalks says “I want to be yours”, and 9 stalks represent “eternal love”.

12 stalks of roses romantically asks “be mine”, 24 stalks represent the 24 hours you spend thinking of them every day, and a spectacular 99 roses declares “I’ll love you till the day I die”.


(Lilies of the Valley)


To take the road less travelled and sweep your date off their feet with deliberation, you can also opt for daffodils, which are said to reflect unparalleled love, while lilies of the valley bloom with a refined “you make my life complete” message and are exceptionally feminine with their poignant fragrance.



Alternatively, orchids are romantically wild in their display of rare and delicate beauty, and fluffy peonies convey romance, prosperity, and a bashful charm.