Street Chic

, Street ChicThe Auntie
Name: Florence
Occupation: Car Park Attendant
Are bags a must when you go out?
Of course! How am I supposed to carry my umbrella without my bag?
We love your hair! Do you think the higher the hair, the hotter you are?
Not really. Your hair must suit your face—it can’t be too excessively high! Actually, I have had this hairstyle for 20 over years already. It’s fake hair.
Get the look: Blouse, pants and bags, stores in People’s Park, Chinatown.
, Street ChicThe Uncle
Name: Ah Chew
Occupation: Coffee Shop Uncle, Fengshui Sensei
What’s with the gold-rimmed specs?
They were a present from my best friend. He was helping me out by giving me glasses because I’m poor. I change the lens regularly at my optician at Bras Basah Complex. It’s pretty affordable over there.
What do you think of the super big sunglasses that celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham wear?
Big is good! I like big specs because with them, I can see a lot more things! But I don’t like shades. I prefer the light to the darkness. I walk in the righteousness.
Get the look: Singlet and pants, CK Department Store, Chinatown. Big, gold-rimmed specs, optician. Towel, any market.
, Street ChicThe Surveyor
Name: Salim Sarip
Occupation: Land Surveyor
Why do you wear so many layers of clothes even though the sun is scorching?
I work in the hot sun all day and I get exposed to harmful rays. I have to wear a lot of clothes to cover and protect my skin. Otherwise, I will start to itch.
Does the sun make your hair grow white faster too?
I think so. People in my line get white hair faster than other people. I have a lot of white hair. But I have to wear a hat everyday which hides it anyway.
Get the look: Hat, jacket, t-shirt, pants, stalls in Golden Mile Food Centre (aka Army Market), Lavender.
, Street ChicThe Yuppie
Name: Oscar
Occupation: Associate Banker
Do you think smart-looking dudes like you get the girls?
Yes. People are just naturally drawn to people who look good!
And a major fashion faux pas in your line?
T-shirt and jeans are a no-no.
Get the look: Shirt and pants, Men Tradition, Peninsula Plaza.
, Street ChicThe Gym Rat
Name: Terence Lim
Occupation: Senior Legal Editor
What’s the best and the worst piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice is that a good body is the best fashion accessory. The worst advice should be anything the local mainstream media dishes out—by the time it’s in print, it’s already passé!
And what fragrance do you wear?
Does the smell of sweat count?
Get the look: Tank top, Bangkok. Shorts, Nike, Wheelock Place. Asics sports shoes, Queensway Shopping Centre.
, Street ChicThe Girl-Next-Door
Name: Sandy
Occupation: Executive Assistant
Is your dress code always this simple?
It’s Monday, and I’m having the Monday blues. I just wear whatever I can find and step out of the house.
OK, what’s one fashion trend on the streets right now that just hurts your eyes?
It got to be the Harujuku-inspired kind of dressing. It’s so passé and so not “in” now, but you still sees people wearing that stuff.
Get the look: Blouse and skirt, Space, Takashimaya. Bag, AvantGarde, Holland Shopping Center.
, Street ChicThe Young Gun
Name: Nicholas
Occupation: Student
Who do you think is the best dresser in the world?
OK, and who is the worst dresser in the world?
You can’t be the best and the worst! There’s more than one person inhabiting this world you know…
Aiya! I’m not really into fashion! I’m fine as long as the clothes feel comfortable and can cover my skin!
Get the look: Top, a shop in Peninsula Plaza. Pants, Metro, Causeway Point. Bag, a stall in Golden Mile Food Centre (aka Army Market), Lavender.
, Street ChicThe Emo Duo
Names: Irah and Fariq
Occupations: Student and waiter respectively
Why are you guys all dressed in black? Don’t you find the color a little emo and boring?
Irah: Well, black is easy to match with other colors.
Fariq: I am dressed in black because it makes me look thinner.
Tell us, who has a kick-ass dress sense?
Fariq: Kumar! He has a wonderful fashion sense because he wears all black. He’s so stylo! Regardless of whether he’s a man or a woman.
Get the look: (Irah) Top, 77th St., Far East Plaza. Pants, a stall in Bugis Village. (Fariq) Top, Hang Ten, Takashimaya. Pants, a stall in Bugis Village. Cap, a store in Heeren.
, Street ChicThe Mall Prowler
Name: Sharon
Occupation: Poh Piah Seller
Do you think the branded stuff from Prada and Gucci is worth the price tags?
It’s subjective. Well, the quality of their products may be better, but their designs may not be very different from what you can get at the boutiques in neighborhood malls. For me, I like to change my outfits a lot, so I don’t go for branded stuff. I couldn’t bear to throw them away. As long as I look presentable, who cares if my whole outfit costs only $15?
Any places with cheap buys to recommend then?
IMM and West Mall. I don’t like Bukit Panjang Plaza, it’s not as spacious. Actually China is a good place to shop too. It’s much further ahead in terms of fashion compared to Malaysia.
Get the look: Top, a store in IMM. Jeans, Chengdu, China.
, Street ChicThe Slacker
Name: Terence Lau
Occupation: Musician, Event Organizer
How long does it take for you to achieve this slacker look?
I can get up and go out straight away in five minutes flat. There’s no need for me to take, say, three hours trying on clothes and accessories to see how they fit together and all. But this probably means I stink, too. Hence the handy deodorant I carry with me.
Do you think your Bermudas show off your sexy, hairy legs?
Well, I’m blessed to not have too hairy a leg. Or legs. So I’m spared from leg hairs getting caught in my socks.
Get the look: T-shirt, a shop in Peninsula Plaza. Shoes, World of Sports, Funan. Bermudas, SAF.