Surprise, Aussino is back in Singapore

Let there be one defining factor to finally end the dispute over how cool/uncool millennials really are: Remembering Aussino. Does there lie, in the recesses of your memory, mild trauma induced from your parents dragging you to your local Aussino store, to spend hours upon mindless hours touching bedsheets and comparing thread counts? Did you vow never to subject yourself to something as meaningless as bedsheet shopping when you grew up, only to realize that when you did, Aussino was no longer anywhere to be found? If no, carry on.

But if yes, rejoice! The global home fashion brand has officially returned to Singapore, in a brand new Concept Store opening at HarbourFront Centre today (Jan 26). In a 3,000-sq ft space, Aussino recreates the first of what’s hopefully many more brick-and-mortar stores to come.

Around 2014, the brand mysteriously vanished from heartland and downtown malls alike (here is their defunct Facebook page), leaving many gasping for a worthy substitute in Singapore’s desolate home living scene. Where would we find our chic and quality bedsheets at affordable prices now? Certainly not Metro.

The new concept store will bring back the same colorful sheets and linen Aussino has always been known for, as well as a range of design brands that include Aussino Kids, Contempo, and Loft. To suit a variety of lifestyle needs, the products range from a Classic Hand Towel ($7) to a Bamboo Quilt Cover (king-sized, $249).

As a bonus, Aussino has a little treat for members who’ve clung onto slivers of hope (and their membership cards) all these years. From Feb 7-Feb 11, Aussino members will receive 30% discount on storewide purchases; regular plebeians get 20%.

It’s been quite the wait, Aussino; but good to have you back.

Aussino Concept Store is located at 1 Maritime Square, HarbourFront Centre, #03-13/14, and is open daily from 10:30am-9:30pm. More info here