Sentosa will be turning into a Pokemon Go! Safari Zone in April

Remember that thrill you got when mobile game Pokemon Go! first launched in Singapore, when fellow trainers were all out and about catching virtual Pokemons together?

We may get to feel that kind of camaraderie and see throngs of people gathered in unison once again at the upcoming Pokemon Go! Safari Zone, a five-day event where more than 100,000 trainers are expected to attend.

From Apr 18-22, the whole of Sentosa, from the Boardwalk near VivoCity all the way to Tanjong Beach, will become a Safari Zone, where rare, shiny and never-before-seen Pokemon will roam Sentosa for the first time, including region-specific ones like Tropius, shiny Shuckle, Unown and more. Multiple new PokeStops will also be added so adventurers can safely stock up on supplies as they go about their way. Real-life photo points and Instinct, Mystic and Valor team rest areas will be set up too.

The catch though, is that not all users of developer Niantic’s game will get to take part. While the usual Pokemon Go! specimens and PokeStops will be available, only selected players will get to enjoy the additional content.

Players need to first register on their website and basically ballot for a slot. You can bid as an individual or up to groups of three for the day you’d like to take part in. Participation is strictly limited to one day per user, so choose wisely which date you’re intending to go for. The registration will open Mar 5 and run till Mar 7, with the results out on Mar 11. Selected trainers will then receive a QR code on a later date that serves as the ticket to the event in April.

Mark your calendars now if you gotta catch ‘em all.

Pokemon Go! Safari Zone happens Apr 18-22, 10am-8pm daily. Participation is free (normal Sentosa admission charges apply) but open to successful bidders only.