The Matrix
Tapping into the cyberpunk feel of this 1999 cult-classic action flick, the filmmakers included a password at the end of the movie that allowed fans to “hack” into the official site ( and access hidden sections.
The Blair Witch Project
Pretending to be a real documentary, this 1999 horror flick started scaring the pants off popular culture’s psyches before it even hit the screens, when the website ( started documenting the “legend” of the Blair Witch as a serious phenomenon. To add more to the feel, the three main actors were listed as “missing, presumed dead” on film site the Internet Movie Database (
To add another layer to this popular television show’s mystery, the Heroes website ( also features an online “graphic novel” that runs parallel to the show’s events.

We look at the quirky and cool ways that bands have been using tech to market their music—guerrilla style.