Machinimasia’s Ho Chee Yue

A new animation form called machinima is taking flight. With this, you can play computer games and make a film at the same time.
Can you tell us briefly what machinima is?
“Machinima” is derived from the words “machine” and “cinema” and is about creating films using video game engines instead of live action or traditional animation. You treat the 3D game world as your “set” and the game characters as your “actors,” manipulate them, record the footage, and then edit it just as you would a video production. There are other ways to make machinima, but at some point, it all involves “recording” or “shooting” 3D environments.
So what video games are most often used?
The popular ones are Sims2, Halo, Quake II, Unreal and Battlefield 1942.
Has any machinima maker put their stuff up on YouTube and got famous yet?
Yes, there are numerous clips uploaded by enthusiasts on YouTube. Popular machinima clips include “Better Life,” “Silver Bells and Golden Spurs” and a clip on male restroom etiquette which currently has a view count of 2.8 million!
How do you think machinima is going to change the animation world?
While the techniques may be different, the key essence of animation and machinima is the same; which is good storytelling. In many ways, machinima is complementary to animation. It can help to develop a better appreciation for animation and build a stronger talent pool for the animation industry.
So Pixar won’t close down?
Ha ha. I believe Pixar will get only stronger, due to the complementary nature of machinima and animation!