Nokia E7

• If you like having both touch and type options, this one’s a good deal, especially with its thin (and flashy) design.
• Its horizontal sliding QWERTY keyboard features conveniently wide buttons so you don’t have to deal with too many typos when writing emails on the go.
• Syncing your emails on Mail for Exchange is relatively straight-forward. You can also surf intranet browsers securely with the build-in VPN.
• Business-grade anti-theft app F-Secure is pre-installed in the phone so you can remotely lock, wipe and locate your phone if you happen to misplace it.
• You can use the phone as a modem if you want wireless access as well as a bigger working platform by just attaching it to your computer.
• The USB support feature means you can save files onto a compatible memory stick on top of its in-built 16GB mass memory.
• If you’re not into carrying a load of gadgets in your bag, you’ll appreciate the 8-megapixel camera, which comes with dual LED flash and shoots various video formats.
• Perhaps this isn’t a big deal for those already giving other work gadgets a miss for this all-in-one but at a whopping 176g, it’s not exactly light.
• The four-inch screen is a good size and versatile but alas, not as touchsensitive as we would’ve liked.
• No flash support for web browsing. $989 without a data plan from all Singtel shops including
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