Readers’ Choice Award 2011: Tech

Best New Handphone: iPhone 4
Steve Jobs and Co’s fourth iPhone iteration is by far the most impressive we’ve seen, and you evidently think so, too. Despite some minor setbacks at the start (signal strength and antenna issues), its sleek design, speedier processor and new features are hard to fault. Although, by the time you read this, you’ll probably already be playing with your shiny new iPhone 5.
Most Useful Local iPhone App: HungryGoWhere
You’ve got a date and desperately need to suss out the best place in town to make that important first impression. What do you do? Turn on your trusty HungryGoWhere app of course. Featuring over 6,000 restaurants, cafes and stalls with over 40,000 user-generated reviews, you will never go hungry again.
Best Tech Store In Town: Challenger
Nineteen locations (and two more coming up) stocking all manner of the latest gadgetry to keep you tech junkies sated. Who else but the island’s biggest repository of all things tech and geeky was going to clinch this award? And from this month on, you will be able to geek out around the clock as Challenger will be the first dedicated IT retailer to open its doors 24 hours a day. Along with making its selection of IT gadgets available after dark, the store provides 24-hour customer service for late night tech support needs.
Most Overhyped Gadget: Apple iPad
We’re pretty sure most of you got sucked into the hype of a revolutionary new “magical” device, at an “unbelievable” price last year. Yeah. Although most of you probably use it to play Angry Birds or amuse yourselves with Talking Tom, no one can deny that this oversized iPhone has, over the past few months, been a game-changer in the world of tablet computing. Still, without features such as a USB port, Flash support and multitasking, it’s just a shiny paperweight. Sure, the iPad 2 comes with cameras, but there’s still work to be done.
Best Camera: Canon Powershot S95
Boasting stellar image quality and professional-level features all in a pint-sized package, it’s no wonder that you picked Canon’s Powershot S95 as your new favorite. In addition to boasting the 720p HD video people have long been asking for, the S95 also features an in-camera High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode for easily creating those eye-popping shots.
Best Netbook: Sony Vaio Y Series
It’s not as thin or as powerful as some of the other netbooks out there but it sure looks good. In true Sony fashion, the little brother of the Vaio S-series comes in a rainbow of colors and the baked-in Vaio Media Plus software allows you to share media between the laptop and other devices, such as a PlayStation 3 or your TV.