Review: Axioo Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive


  • Simple to use—works like any ordinary ball-point pen. Just clip the receiver on a sheet of paper or a notebook and start writing.
  • Able to capture any handwriting, scribbles and diagrams.
  • Comes with MyScript Notes 2.2—a handwriting software which converts your scribbles into digital text.
  • Boasts a whopping 1GB of storage space—you can literally write thousands of pages of text, or until the ink runs out, in addition to storing your digital files in the receiver which also works as a USB drive.


  • Needs the receiver for the digital pen to work, though it’s not exactly bulky.
  • For the handwriting recognition software to work properly, you need neat handwriting. Definitely not for doctors.
  • It’s quite a hassle to replace the ink when it runs out—you need tweezers and steady hands. Not to mention a good supply of mini ball-point ink refills.

We like the Axioo Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive quite a bit. It performs as advertised and is relatively easy to use. That said, we journos do a lot of writing. Whether others would find it quite such a godsend, we’re not so sure.

$149 from South Asia Computer, #03-01/41 Funan DigitaLife Mall, 109 North Bridge Rd., 6337-0871.