Review: Samsung NX100 Camera

• Weighing only 300g, the lightweight, compact and modern design makes the camera extremely portable—it’s one of the lightest around.
• The i-Function technology is the highlight. It delivers total image control with fast manual settings to ensure quick and easy image capture, and also provides customized settings.
• With a full range of NX accessories and lenses, the NX100 further enhances the user’s experience. Included are a compact zoom 20-50mm lens; a small and light 20mm wide angle Pancake lens and, soon to be launched, the 60mm Macro lens and 18-200mm Super Zoom lens for an even greater variety of shots. Check out the electronic viewfinder, Flash and GPS tracker to track your exact geographical location while you’re at it.
• The 720p video is not revolutionary. The colors and resolution are both fine but we noticed quite a bit of jelly-vision post recording.
• At $949, it’s also pretty steep.

Available at Samsung Flagship Store, #02-28/29 VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, 6376-9150.