Tech Review: iTwin

• Easy to use. It’s really plug-and-play. Just stick both halves of the iTwin into your PC’s USB port and the noob-friendly instructions will guide you.
• Like all the major cloud services, iTwin uses AES 256-bit encryption. But it’s even safer, because the information isn’t held online but in each key.
• If you lose a key, you can disable it remotely using a unique link that iTwin sends you via email. You can passwordprotect your access, but you don’t have to.
• To share files, all you need to do is drop the files into the iTwin folder (after installation) in your “My Computer” window.
• Transferring files (MP3s, AVI movies, DOCs) is generally fast—over broadband, of course.
• Both computers need to be logged on to the Internet.
• For the iTwin to work, you need to install the software on the remote PC: this will be an issue if you really have to access and edit files from LAN shops or shared computers which restrict
software installation.
• Currently, iTwin only supports Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It’s not MacOS compatible (yet!), but we hear that it will extend the platform across smartphones as well.
• There are already many (cheaper and even free) ways to transfer files over the Internet (MSN, Dropbox, Google Docs).
Verdict: If you want the convenience of accessing your work files from home (or anywhere else for that matter) hassle free or are afraid of putting up sensitive data up in the Cloud, the iTwin is your answer. Plus, it’s designed and developed in Singapore.
$139 from