Tech Review: LG Optimus G

Specs: 13MP, 2GB internal RAM, 32GB internal ROM, Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2, Snapdragon S4 pro Processor, Quad Core 1.5Ghz.

Overview: It’s become trendy for mobile phone manufacturers to use the term “superphone” freely, regardless of whether the device in question is truly groundbreaking or not. Korean underdogs LG look to stick it to dominant rival Samsung, with a superphone that challenges the Samsung Galaxy SIII in terms of multi-tasking capabilities and speed.

Plus: The rapid Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor has been proven to outrun numerous competitors by a mile. Its QSlide Function allows not just screens of two applications to be shown at once, but also in their entirety. There are slick tricks you can pull off with the Dual Screen Dual Play capability, such as reading song lyrics off the phone while it screens the music video on TV. Non-fans of the Super AMOLED display (us) will appreciate the Optimus G’s more natural screen. The phone is also protected by the fiercely robust Corning Gorilla Glass 2, but why not the Glass 3?

Minus: The 13MP camera lets you capture fast-moving objects without all the blurring using its simple yet ingenious Smart Shutter technology, but the function might not work in low-light conditions. The phone’s ability to take a photo whenever someone says “cheese”, “smile”, “LG” or “kimchi” to it might yield more snorts than “wow”s. While it’s slightly smaller than most smartphones, the Optimus G is a little big-boned at 145g.

Verdict: Features like Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 exemplify LG’s commendable but lackluster push to finish ahead of its rivals; which it does, but only by the skin of its teeth. LG’s mobile solutions are seldom groundbreaking and are often just playing catch-up with other modern devices. However, it’s cheaper than an iPhone and will address most of your mobile needs quickly and without a hitch.

$798 from LG and all major electronics retailers.