Tech Talk, November 17, 2006

Game Face
Creative Technologies has just released a set of cool hardware for all you PC gamers. The Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Keyboard1 ($99) is lightweight and stylish, but more importantly, it lights up for all you out there who prefer to get your game on in the darker corners of gaming cafes. The Creative Fatal1ty Professional Laser Mouse’s2 ($99) movement is smooth, allowing for the greatest of ease when stalking cyber enemies. And, last but not least, the Creative Mouse Gamer 7600L3 ($89) sports five customizable buttons, so that your gaming experience can be as personal and easy as possible. All these are available at The Creative Store (#04-06 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd., 6895-4100).
Take a Tablet
Fujitsu will be unleashing three new tablet PCs very soon—the Lifebook P1620 and T4215 and the stylistic ST5112. Each of these are Windows Vista ready and sport the very useful three dimensional shock sensor utility, which works to decrease the risk of damage to the hard drive, in case of excessive impact or vibrations. The ST5112 is set to be released in late November for $4,688. The P1620 and the T4215 are due out in December. Watch this space for more news regarding these products.
Boom! Shake the Room!
There are plenty of MP3 player speaker systems on the market right now, but the iBoom Travel ($149) really sets itself apart. Style-wise, it’s nothing to scoff at—coming in two simple, but sleek colors: pearly white and black metallica—the iBoom is also compatible with the latest iPod products, weighs in at only 420g and boasts the very cool DLO Bass Management Circuitry, which provides extended bass. Pick this baby in late Nov from Challenger Superstore (#05-20 Funan DigitaLife Mall, 109 Orchard Rd., 6339-9008).
More Walking
Sony Ericsson has launched the W950i ($1038), the latest in the company’s incredibly popular line of Walkman phones. Continuing in the same vein as its predecessors, the W950i has a whopping 4GB of storage and has the functionality and sound quality of a normal standalone player. All this, plus a touch screen for easy navigation through songs. The phone features hold their own pretty well too-with email and web browsing at broadband speeds and a user-friendly interface. Pick one up at The M1 Shop (#B1-28/29 Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd., Hotline 1800-843-8383).