Three Favorite Online Storage Services

This no-fuss music storage website lets you upload and share your music anywhere. The functions are a no-brainer; you can choose to allow public downloads, create links to sell your music on other sites like iTunes and Amazon, or protect your tunes for selected listeners by making them private. With basic profile creation, track statistics and even a widget that lets up-coming producers send you their tracks; Official is the ultimate storage and sharing tool for music makers and lovers alike. The best part? There are no upload limits.
Store, share and sync; this is a cloud storage user’s dream come true. Announcing their four millionth user earlier this year, the online storage system has surpassed even Google Docs with its intuitive features and offerings. How does it work? Download the free application and simply drag any files into the desktop interface. Share your folders with other Dropbox users with a simple email entry. You can even upload files directly through your online account to
save space on your computer and work collaboratively on a project since Dropbox syncs all the changes users make. Limited to 2GB for free and upgradable to 100GB for US$199 a year.
Forget about sending large files through emails; that’s so passé. YouSendIt works by creating a simple URL link to troublesome big files. In its most basic version, you don’t even have to sign up; just enter the email of the person you want to send the file to (up to 100MB), your own email and send. The receiver will get an email with a link to the file and all they have to do is to click
and download. Simple! Signing up allows you to send and store files up to 2GB on the Lite plan. The Business Plan allows 6GB of storage, unlimited downloads and a controlled expiration date per file for US$329.78 per year.