Top Free Photography Apps

, Top Free Photography AppsLeme Cam
Eight lomo and HD cameras, fifteen photo effects and eleven frames are packed altogether in this super cute interface app. Unlike others on iTunes, Leme lets you choose the camera and lens before you shoot then, either save it onto your camera roll, email or share it online through Facebook or their Leme network photo. The fun part is that the image results are hardly predictable, especially when you opt for the random-shooting mode—and it’s free!
, Top Free Photography AppsInstagram
This is one of the classic free apps every iPhone owner should at least try once. Instagram works almost like Flickr where you can browse thousands of creative photos that other users uploaded. But it also allows you to apply retro Polaroid-like effects to your images. Choose a preferred effect, name the photo and then share with your Instagram buddies (and Facebook). In turn, you can also follow anyone you admire to see their regular updates. Sharing and commenting adds a whole social network dimension to this app, making it a lot of fun.
, Top Free Photography AppsCamera+
The application has an easy-to-use interface where you can choose to develop multiple effects onto your images. There are scenery, cropping, special effects and framing options. There is also HD and auto contrast adjustments to fix sub-par pictures in one touch of the screen. Photos are then added to your private camera roll immediately without pestering you to share them online.
, Top Free Photography AppsAction Cam
Fun multiple photo shooting is what this app’s about. You can choose from a 2×2, 4×1, 4×2, 3×3 or a tricolor photo booth framing style. Different timing is also available, including a manual mode. There are two color effects to choose from: Romo (lomo) and ocean tide.
, Top Free Photography AppsAdobe Photoshop Express
This app from Adobe isn’t particularly fun, but it’s the only one to offer actual Photoshop-like controls: saturation, contrast, sharpening, etc. The effects and frame options are really lame, though.
, Top Free Photography AppsRoidizer
This app helps you create a Polaroid picture with a caption in just one click. You just take a new photo or choose photos from your gallery and it will turn them into Polaroids. Then you simply type the caption in and share it to social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
, Top Free Photography AppsPudding Camera
This Korean-made application might confuse you at first touch as all menus are in Korean, but with simple icons you’ll get used to it after few trials. The app allows you to take photos with seven choices of toy camera features including fisheye, fantasy color, motion 2×2 lens and motion 4x lens with eight selections of films from vignette to noir. You can swap to the front camera to take photos of yourself too.
, Top Free Photography AppsPixTrix
PixTrix is one of the best BB photo apps with 13 styles of photos, from Instant Autumn and Half Sepia to RG Contrast and Lomo (our favorite). Its newest version also allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation as well as rotate and share photos to Facebook.

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