Why You Should Download the New I-S Magazine Tablet App

The imminent death of print may have been exaggerated but the rise of media consumption on tablet devices over the last year has been truly stunning. And in few places more so than right here.

A global study released by Ericsson last month revealed that Singapore has the second highest rate of tablet ownership in the world after Hong Kong (boo), though we came out tops in smartphones (yay). Some 31 percent of internet users between the age of 16 and 60 in Singapore now own a tablet, with that number expected to grow to a staggering 60% by the end of this year, as more and more people trade in or up from their laptops.

And with good reason. Have you seen how good everything looks behind a Retina screen? Any sentimental media industry arguments about the sanctity of print go out the window when you realize the added value you can deliver in an app, the new readers you can engage and how stunning your content looks.

So it’s time. We’ve spent the last few months huddled beneath our antiquated printing presses, writing incomprehensible notes in shorthand and somehow coming up with a killer app. It’s everything you love about I-S and a whole lot more. Here’s just five reasons to download it right now.

1. Vini, Video, Vici
Exciting rich media content is the bedrock of the new app. Videos, audio clips and other interactive features bring our stories about Singapore to life in a whole new, thrillingly dynamic way. And they’re embedded in the app, meaning you won’t be caught out by pesky data charges when you’re out and about (hi Singtel!).

2. Exclusive! Read all about it!
We’ve never yet had space to put everything we wanted into the magazine (blame it on our over-efficient ad sales team). But now we do. Expect more stories, uncut interviews, extra news items and even bonus issues from time to time. And that’s all before we start talking about exclusive giveaways just for app subscribers.

3. See the Bigger Picture
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. (It also looks way more exciting on a screen.) The app is packed with stunning, full-screen visuals, close-ups, slideshows and pictures that didn’t make it into print. No more straining to see that shot of the latest restaurant arrival squeezed into the top corner of the page.

4. Easy Does It

We’ve designed the app to be intuitive to use and super easy to navigate. Best of all, it puts the content you want in your hands when you want it. No longer will you need to keep back issues of the magazine stacked up in your kitchen (though we’re not judging, we do that too) or struggle to find a story on our website.

Once you’re subscribed you’ll have access to an ever-growing archive of content (there’s a few issues in there already, and we only launched this week) and the latest issue will automatically download to your device.

5. Talk is Cheap, The App is Cheaper
It’s free. C’mon… Argue against that.