Could this be the end of gym memberships?

We wrote about K Fit and Passport Asia recently, and now another fitness pass will be launching soon. Like K Fit and Passport Asia, GuavaPass shares similar features: it gives you access to classes like yoga, CrossFit, indoor cycling and Muay Thai across over 70 gyms and studios in Singapore

At $139 per month, it’s not as wallet-friendly as KFit’s $99 or Passport Asia’s $59, but it’s got some nice advantages. You get to take as many classes as you want, as long as you’re not doing more than three at the same location in the same month. You also get GuavaPerks: invites to wellness events, community classes and special deals with partners like juice shopThe Juice Junkie and raw food cafe Afterglow. 

And this could be the clincher for travelling gym rats: the pass will soon be available in Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and your membership will be valid abroad too.