Even MyRepublic is no match for Netflix’s VPN blocking

Netflix announced some time ago that it would be cracking down on VPN usage, much to the ire of international users. VPN services have progressively been blocked and even ISPs such as Singapore’s MyRepublic have found that its own service is unable to get past Netflix’s restrictions.
MyRepublic emailed its subscribers recently to notify them that its Teleport service that works similarly to a VPN was no longer able to access Netflix US.
The email was sent to address complaints by their users who have found their Netflix US bingeing interrupted.
Describing Netflix’s proxy detection and blocking as “ongoing, complex and evolving”, MyRepublic said that whatever means it used to get past them would occasionally work for a short time but eventually be defeated.
In the email, the ISP wrote: “We believe that we’ve entered a new age of global streaming, where Over-The-Top (OTT) content providers have expanded their offers globally like never before — and have consequently stepped up how carefully they manage and deliver their content.”
Instead, the company says it will work on optimizing video streaming for Netflix Singapore instead.
This is a shame for international users as the Netflix US catalogue is so much more expansive than Netflix Singapore. Still it’s not like Netflix has a choice as rights negotiations with content producers also usually include geographical restrictions. Separate licensing deals are usually negotiated with different territories, with the rights sometimes being owned by different bodies in different territories.
Singapore users are still continuing to try to access Netflix US by trying out different VPN providers so it seems the streaming service will continue to have a lot of work to do.
, Even MyRepublic is no match for Netflix’s VPN blocking
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