Haze hypochondriacs, this app is going to save your life

There’s an app for everything, and this one tells you what to do during the haze to be healthy.

According to The Straits Times, it was developed at the Hyper Haze Hack, which was held at Google Singapore’s auditorium. This geeky hackathon pairs people up with industry experts to come up with ways to cope during the haze (what else?). 

The app that won, Haze0, shows users the PSI in the area and tells you what to do based on your health; just don’t forget to key in your existing medical conditions. 

Other notable apps include Need Mask, an alarm that informs you when to wear a mask (duh), and Hazelnut, an app that tells you if it’s all right to exercise.

Jokes aside, it would be useful for those with asthma and other medical conditions. We don’t know when this app will hit the stores, but we’re looking out for it in the months to come (just in time for next year, yay!).