This is how much the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will cost you in Singapore

<p>They&#39;re finally here. The successors to last year&#39;s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.</p>
<p>While the design of the phones haven&#39;t changed much from the previous generations, the phones now come with glass back and sides with support for Qi Open Standard wireless charging, up to 7.5W. They also house the new A11 Bionic processors and have updated camera sensors as well as Retina HD displays that support TrueTone technology, adjusting the displays to ambient surrounding light.</p>
<h2><strong>How much will it cost?</strong></h2>
<p>Pricing is a lot less complicated this time around as there are only two storage capacities to choose from.</p>
<p>The iPhone 8 will cost S$1,148 and S$1,388 for the 64GB and 128GB respectively, with the equivalent iPhone 8 Plus models going for S$1,308 and S$1,548.</p>
<h2>Look for a great deal</h2>
<p>As always, the telcos have plans and pricing at the ready.</p>
<p>M1 offers&nbsp;<strong><a href=";ici=home-ip8-coming-… target="_blank">six plans</a></strong>, starting with the cheapest i-Lite plan (S$28 monthly) offering 300MB of data and the iPhone 8 64GB costing US$790 and topping out with the expensive i-Max Plus plan (S$228) giving the iPhone 8 (both capacities) and the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB for free and the 8 Plus 256GB for US$160 with unlimited calls and 13GB of data.</p>
<p>StarHub has&nbsp;<strong><a href="" target="_blank">five plans</a></strong>, starting from the XS (S$48 per month with 3GB data) and pricing starting at S$606 for the iPhone 8 64GB and the most expensive being the XL plan ($238 monthly) with 15GB of data, but you get the iPhone 8 64GB free. Also, these listed&nbsp;data plans are for weekdays only, as you&#39;ll still get StarHub&#39;s&nbsp;unlimited data on weekends, whichever plan you take.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Singtel also offers&nbsp;<strong><a href="" target="_blank">five plans</a></strong>, starting from as low as S$27.90 a month up to S$239.90, with iPhone prices starting from S$788.</p>
<p>Circles.Life&nbsp;is also now offering its&nbsp;<strong><a href="" target="_blank">iPhone deals</a></strong>, from S$47.83 monthly with $0 upfront and 24-month installment plans.</p>
<p>Whichever telco you&#39;re using, there&#39;s a plan for you to choose.&nbsp;</p>
<h2>No contracts, please</h2>
<p>You could skip the&nbsp;queues and just&nbsp;<strong><a href="" target="_blank">preorder online</a></strong>&nbsp;from the official Apple Store.&nbsp;Estimates show you&#39;ll get the phone by <strong>Sep 22</strong>, though it&#39;s not unheard of for the phone to arrive earlier.</p>
<p>If you&#39;re feeling lucky, you could just show up at the Apple Store on Sep 22 and grab one. But first-day releases always tend to be madness so ordering online and opting to pick it up later might be a better, less stressful bet than just trying to test your luck.</p>
<p>Or you could wait for the hype to die down in a couple of weeks before you walk-in, if you&#39;re not too fussed.</p>
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