In case you didn't already know

It’s Apple event time! We’re expecting new iPhones, a new Apple TV, a third-generation Apple Watch, and everyone to lose their minds over the pricing of the former. But how can you see the event as it unfolds, making it feel like you’re seated at Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater, soaking in a heady combination of genuinely smart tech and nonetheless worryingly over-enthusiastic audience whoops? By following our simple guide, of course. Read on for all the ways to watch.

Watch on your Mac, iOS device, or PC 

If you’ve got a Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, head to Apple’s event page, and click or tap on the live stream when the show begins at 1am in Singapore later tonight (Sep 13). Note that you’re going to have to use Safari, because Apple has its own HTTP Live Streaming tech. This also means you’ll need iOS 7 or later, or OS X 10.8.5/macOS. If you’re rocking an iPad 1, take this as a hint to upgrade.

Got a PC? Apple will deign to let you watch if you’re running Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Rocking an Android? Then you’ll need to lean over the shoulder of an iOS-device-owning chum, constantly remarking about how every new thing Apple announces isn’t as good as your device anyway.

Watch on your telly

You can also watch the event on an Apple TV 2 or 3 running software 6.2, or any 4th gen model. Grab the Apple Events app for the last of those, and then press your nose right up against the screen, to imagine you’re hovering right in front of Tim Cook.

But what if you miss everything? Panic not: shortly after the event’s done, the full video will be made available from the original event page and also Apple’s previous events page.

This story originally appeared on Stuff Singapore, bringing you what's next in the world of tech and gadgets, with a twist.